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GorgeMusik Classes

Next Classes Begin May 13th, 2015!

ages 18 months to two and a half years old
Toddlers We will explore our home and neighborhood by visiting the laundry room and outdoors all while moving to high and low! We will be in the kitchen, mixing and stirring, shaking and rolling as we discover long and short sounds otherwise known as Stacatto and Legato! Then we will use our instruments to explore loud and quiet sounds or Forte and Piano! We move and dance, have quiet snuggle time and sing, sing sing! Join us as we explore tempos and patterns in music and everywhere!

ages 3 to 4 years.
Preschool Let's Go to the city! We will use our creativity to dance through the town, exploring with bikes and resonator bars, brooms and scarves !. Songs and games from around the world emphasize different musical styles and voices. We will use our percussion instruments ,hoops and voices to make music. There are plenty of opportunities for movement, creative expression, and social interaction.